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Different Parts Of Cochlear Implants

A part of cochlear implant known as the internal part is surgically implanted in the cochlea through the back of ear beneath the skin. The other part known as external part stays behind the ear.


The external part of cochlear implants comprises –

  • A microphone receiving surrounding environmental sounds.
  • A speech processor filters received sounds and divides audible speech in different channels and sends out the electrical signal to –
  • The transmitter by a thin cable.

There is a transmitter sending the coded signals to an implanted receiver just under the skin. This resembles a magnet, which can be attached and opened easily. The electrical signals obtained via speech processor are transferred to the internal part by electromagnetic induction.


The internal part of cochlear implants comprises –

  • A receiver, and
  • A stimulator.

The receiver is just under the skin behind the ear. They change received electrical signals into electric impulse and delivers them to the array of electrodes that have been surgically inserted in the cochlea.


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