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Effects Of Hearing Loss

“Sound is not only a guide to the practicalities of living…it is also an aesthetic pleasure.”

Tomi Keitlen

Effects Of Hearing Loss

Many people around us are fully aware of their hearing problems. However,they hardly pay any attention to that. Again, there are people who don’t acknowledge their hearing loss. Many feel ashamed for the same; some even dismiss hearing loss as a minor problem and believe that they can deal with it easily. Accordingly, they fail to get the problem detected at its early stage.

It has been observed in various scientific researches that hearing problems, if left unattended and not given importance in their nascent stages, can give rise to mental, social, physical and lot of other problems. Long-term hearing problems are not bound to hearing problems only; they give rise to various other complications. The problems, which are generally initiated by hearing problems, are:

  • Anger, irritation and negative attitude towards everything.
  • One with hearing problems gradually secludes himself/herself from the society or are many times shunned by the society and people.
  • Mental stress, despair, concern and mental fatigue increases.
  • A person gradually starts slipping into solitude. He/she becomes less attentive.
  • Chances of accidents increase from inability to hear sounds in roads and honking of vehicles.
  • Hearing problems impact human memory, and destroys the desire and ability to learn new things.

It has been observed many times that various physical ailments like high blood pressure, depression etc., often decrease human life expectancy. Likewise, hearing problems and blindness for a period of one month can be a threat and decrease human longevity.

Many times, hearing impairment brings lack of interest in work, which again gives rise to financial, social and domestic issues. These manifold problems arising out of hearing loss gives rise to mental and various physical complications in humans. Not only adults, hearing loss can even affect children and can be congenital or acquired. Anyone at any age might have hearing loss. Mild to moderate hearing loss in children can give rise to several problems, such as delayed speech and language development. If it’s long-term, it can create other problems like learning difficulties in school.


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