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Hearing aids are electronic medical devices that help a person suffering from hearing loss to hear better. The three basic components of a typical hearing aid include – a microphone – which receives the sound, an amplifier – which amplifies the incoming sound waves, and a receiver – which delivers the amplified sound to the person’s ear. To put in other words, hearing aid is a device that is designed to make a person audible – sounds which he or she was otherwise unable to.

Hearing aids are recommended only by an experienced Audiologist after he/she has studied and analysed the overall hearing health of a person. An Audiologist also decides which hearing aid would be the best for a particular person based on his/her type and degree of hearing loss and his/her responses with different types of hearing aids.

The modern hearing aids are designed to adjust automatically to the user’s requirements and preferences, and even based on his/her sound environments. For example, if a person is in a noisy area, the modern hearing aids would be able to amplify only the speech sounds by reducing background noises.


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