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Based on Design

Based on Design

The types of hearing aids available according to hearing aid design, look and style are:

1. Body-Worn – this is the oldest type of hearing aid. However, users faced lots of problems listening words or speech.
2. BTE or behind-the-ear hearing aid. These are again of 3 types: ordinary BTE, open-fit BTE and RIC or receiver-in-the-canal. There is also another type, called mini-BTE. Technologically, these are much advanced, and are available as Analog, Digital or Semi-digital. It is the most widely used hearing device.
3. ITE or in-the-ear hearing aid.
4. ITC or in-the-canal hearing aid.
5. CIC or completely-in-the-canal hearing aid.
6. IIC or invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.

The last four types are custom-made hearing aids that are made by taking impression and measurement of the ear of the person.


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