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Based On Technology

Depending on technology or processing, hearing aids are generally of the following types:


Presently, use of analog hearing aids is gradually becoming less. These aids cannot be adjusted much according to individual requirement. Besides, many distortions in sound quality are observed in analog processing. As a result, there are problems understanding speech/language.

Semi Digital Or Trimmer Digital

These aids have digital processing technology. However, frequency response, gain adjustment in various frequencies, noise reduction etc. cannot be done in these aids according to individual requirement. Therefore, many times, along with speech, other surrounding sounds like those of fans, air conditioners, traffic etc. hit ears quite loudly. Those with sensorineural hearing loss cannot always differentiate between these sounds and assume that the sounds are coming from their machines. Accordingly, they face problems understanding speech.

Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

Of all hearing aids, digital programmable aids are best. They are technologically much advanced.

In these hearing aids, gain adjustment in various frequencies can be done according to one’s hearing problems. Adjustments in these hearing aids are done via computer software for individual problems and requirements, making speech understanding joyful and convenient. Various types of modern technologies, like channels, bands, frequency response, linear and non-linear amplification, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, directionality and microphone technology, data-logging, bass boost and occlusion control, speech enhancement, and many other such technologies are used in digital programmable aids. This makes it possible to facilitate natural hearing or normally how we hear, in spite of hearing loss. Besides, technologies like smart focus, anti-shock expansion, pinna effect, natural sound balance, automatic programme changing etc. are used for digital programmable hearing aids, which takes your hearing to a different scale altogether.

However, the one who can make your hearing better with right usage of these technologies is your Audiologist. Hence, telling your problems frankly to your him/her is necessary. The requirement of the technologies is entirely associated with the lifestyle of a person. An Audiologist selects the right hearing aid for your hearing problems based on various audiological tests. However, along with audiological tests, conducting lifestyle analysis is also extremely important. Hence, selecting the right hearing aid is important so that it works well in environs that you are in.


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