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Temporary Hearing Loss

Temporary Hearing Loss

There are several reasons behind temporary hearing loss in children. For example, excessive accumulation of earwax can result in complete closure of ear canal and cause hearing difficulties.

Otitis Media

This is a type of inflammation in middle ear causing fluid buildup in ear canal in middle ear. If delayed, this fluid comes out in the form of ear pus. Many times, cold or accumulation of milk through nasal cavity in the middle ear in infants due to Eustachian tube problems can lead to ear infections. It has been observed that 75% of children within age three become victims of Otitis Media at least once. Since Eustachian tube in children is quite narrow, thus, Otitis Media can be seen more in children than in adults. If water collects in middle ear due to Otitis Media or if eardrum ruptures, sound waves face problems reaching inner ear causing conductive hearing loss.

If delayed long and not treated, this infection affects inner ear causing mixed hearing loss. Many times, children or their parents keep poking ears with sharp objects injuring eardrums. This causes temporary conductive hearing loss. From a very young age to school going age, this kind of temporary hearing loss can hamper speech and language development in children. Since, humans learn to speak by hearing speech, just a minimum hearing loss can make children fall behind others of the same age group.

Many times, children don’t feel any pain or discomfort with this kind of conductive hearing loss. Hence, their parents also fail to understand if their child has any problem. Check few symptoms below which will assist you in interpreting the same:

  • Suddenly becomes inattentive
  • Increases volume of TV/radio
  • Fails to understand instructions/cannot follow or study
  • Gets irritated and angry easily
  • Scratching or pulling ears or touching ears frequently


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