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Who Needs Cochlear Implants?

Who Needs Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants (CI) are not for all hearing loss patients. There are definite criteria for getting the same. They are –

1) One should have severe to profound hearing loss, sensorineural and hearing impairment in both ears.

2) Auditory nerves should work well for implanting cochlear devices.

3) One should have over 70 dB of hearing loss for a considerable period of time (in case of adults).

4) For adults, speech and language usage should be normal; for children, special attention in speech and language therapy and stimulation are needed.

5) Check if the child to receive cochlear implant is benefitting from latest technology high power hearing aid or FM system. If not, then only implant cochlear aids.

6) Check if the patient has any medical complication, which can create problems in surgery.

7) Both adults and parents of children should have clear idea about CI and refrain from possessing unrealistic thoughts and ideas.

8) Support and positive attitude of friends and family are important.

9) Lastly, proper set up, mapping, AVT (auditory verbal therapy) etc. are required for maintenance, rehabilitation and management of cochlear implants.


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